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Brian Jones, history of a grand master

Master Brian Jones answers questions about his life in martial arts & the Brian Jones Integrated Kun Tao System. chi brians page.htm

Tai Chi with grandmaster Brian Jones

Flickr photostreams from Kung Fu sweden:

Kuntao Tai Chi Chuan

In november 2007 Grandmaster Brian was here in Malmoe again to teach Tai Chi Chuan. With him as always Guru Ricky, his junior diciple which have been with him now for sixteen years.

You’ll find it in the very training!

It seems Grandmaster Brian Jones and his assistent Sifu Ricky Crops have gained a genuine group of Scandinavian students. This time the seminar was fully booked, as had set a limit of thirty students.

Elements Of Flow – part 2

As promised yesterday, here is the second blog post on the Elements of Flow workshops. This one will feature the shots from the classes themselves rather than the portraiture. Everyone seemed to have a great time on the day and I hope I caught a little of that in these images. Enjoy.

Tai Chi Chuan Gangster

It’s a sunny day in Peterborough, England. Grandmaster Brian is out walking. Suddenly a swedish gangster shows up… []

Großmeister Brian Jones in Bonn

Am 23. September 2006 fand der erste Lehrgang von Großmeister Brian Jones & seinem Meisterschüler Guro Ricky Crofts in unserer Schule in Bonn-Pützchen statt, an dem meine Frau Claudia und ich natürlich teilgenommen haben.
Großmeister Brian stellte mit seinem Meisterschüler seine Kampfkunst des Integrated Kun Tao System der “Philippine and British Martial Arts Society” vor.

Kabuto Belgium Photo Gallery

Tai Chi Chuan Seminars with Brian Jones.